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Experience a new definition of HA filler that empowers your radiance to a timeless perfection.


Discover a Smart Filler formed uniquely to restore the facial silhouette and definition naturally with a long-lasting result.
Designed to improve HA unity to revitalize your skin elasticity, volume and smoothing years of deep-rooted wrinkles.​

Deliver faster results with less risks and more comfort.​


Create a lasting impression with Prodefine Ultra Deep. A self-adjusting filler developed to target multiple areas to give the luxurious younger look.​

Area of Injections

Particularly indicated for defects and areas: cheekbone, malar region, sub-zygomatic region, sub-malar region, chin.

Revolutionary Technology

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The Prodefine Ultra Deep is a Smart Filler that uses proprietary technology termed “Melody” to create the SAFEST and BEST performing hyaluronic acid filler on the market. Using this innovative method, HA is crossed-linked using a specific rhythmic pattern, which is more similar to how hyaluronic acid chains are formed naturally in skin tissue. This unique formula boasts superior safety and longevity when compared with other fillers on the market.

Rediscover your youthful Glow



Prodefine Ultra Deep

Important Consumer Safety Information

What is Prodefine Ultra Deep?
Prodefine Ultra Deep is a prescription injection that is intended for use as a temporary filler for the correction of skin defects such as the correction of very deep wrinkles on the face and to restore facial volume. Particularly indicated for defects and areas: cheekbone, malar region, sub-zygomatic region, sub-malar region, chin.

Are there Contraindications I should know about?

Prodefine Ultra Deep must not be used:
1. For injections in the periorbital zone (eyelids, under eye bags); for injections in blood vessels; for augmentations of the mammary tissue or for bone, tendon, ligament, or muscle implants.
2. Must not be administered to patients with previous or current autoimmune diseases or being treated with immunotherapeutic drugs; proven tendency to form hypertrophic scars or keloids or pigmentation disorders; multiple serious allergies; infections and inflammatory processes in situ or near the area being treated; coagulation disorders; recognised hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid.
3. Must not be used by women who are pregnant, nursing or on people under the age of 18.

What are the Warnings I Should Understand About?

In performing the injection procedure, there is a potential risk that the material gets inadvertently injected into the blood vessels. In rare cases this could cause vascular occlusion, abscess, necrosis or embolic phenomena. To ensure that the needle is not inside a blood vessel during normal use of the medical device, lightly aspirate with the syringe before proceeding with the injection. Do not use Prodefine in combination with other injectable products or mix it with other preparations before use.

Do not use Prodefine when the skin shows redness, swelling or changes in pigmentation; do not use Prodefine with inflammation, infection or fever in progress. Patients taking medications to slow blood clotting may present with bruising or significant bleeding at the injection site. Patients taking anticoagulant medication should stop taking it, in agreement with their doctor, at least 14 days before getting Prodefine injections.

What Precautions Should My Doctor Advise Me?

Do not use on patients with ongoing infections or inflammatory processes near or at the injection site. It is recommended not to use Prodefine in areas where other implants have been performed and not to use it at the same time as any other injectable product.

What Possible Adverse Reactions Should I be Made Aware of?

Following the use of Prodefine, some injection-related adverse reactions may occur, which include pain, itching, altered pigmentation and tissue density in the area of the injection site and which normally resolve spontaneously within a week. Sometimes small oedemas may appear, which reabsorb in few days.

Important: Information on full adverse reactions, warnings and precautions measures are included in the Package Insert or Leaflet. As with all skin injection, there is a risk of infection. Talk to your doctor entirely if this procedure is right for you.

For full safety information or to report a side effect, please call 1-949-698-9649 or Please also visit or talk to your doctor for more information.

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